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  1. It appears that the firewall was disabled only for a limited time (which was not really explicit with my GUI langage). In any case, I can now access remotely using the IP address. Thanks.
  2. Thank you for your fast reply. The firewal is fully unactivated on the machine. On local machine (on which ESET is installed), localhost works, address ip does not On remote machine that can reach the ESET machine (ping ok), the address ip does not work. It whows a timeout error like on the local machine. It is a fresh installation. (All options except the proxy)
  3. Hello all, I'm new with this product and have installed and begun the exploration of its functionnalities. It looks very interesting. I however bumped in a strange problem that I cannot solve. I can access the ESMC when I use the following URL : https://localhost/era I can not access the ESMC if I change localhost to the IP address of the server. (Let us assume the server is, the url with localhost works with the one with does not, even if it is launched locally). Nothing seems to respond. The firewall is unactivated I have read thre
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