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  1. I'm also having random BSOD's, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day. Strangely never while I'm busy playing games or working on the PC, it always happens when I leave the PC on. I had major OS files corruption and formatted 3 times in two weeks, eventually I formatted, upgraded to the latest windows build, and only installed the minimum amount of software. So far I've installed almost all of my usual software incl Steam, Origin and Battle.Net and haven't had a BSOD yet (been 3 weeks now). I'm currently using Avast Free. I'm very hesitant to install ESET again since I suspect ESET is causing it. With my last BSOD I had to uninstall ESET from save mode as it caused Windows to go into a repair loop and would not start normally. My crash dumps would also get deleted even though I set it to not delete.
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