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  1. Hey Marcus, that workning now contacted my reseller got new key and is working now. something was wrong first key not was wrong.
  2. have an email but registration is on ESET Small Business Security but have contacted that reseller buyed that licens key. will wait see if he can help first
  3. Hey, buyed an product key for ESET Mobile Security 2019. get an error cod 2051501a what is that stand for could not find on when seeking on google
  4. Hey, is these section have marked , shall that be enable or disable in settings !!
  5. ok, I use ERA and where in can disable that notifications is that admin and chose notifications. Take little longer to me understand use ERA and EBA. warning is coming for ESET File Security units 1/1 when click on ESET File Security is ther an + enlarge license can buy another licens key from an reseller the. posted an screenshot if that helps of course
  6. but coming up License close to overuse and have enable that in settings . why does that warning come up! is for Eset File security
  7. hey, that working but was have created an account on ela.eset.com was why have application error, logging in and remove my account there after that working eba great again
  8. oki what means "overused" and cant logging in to eba.eset.com get : Application error Something went wrong, please try again later or contact support working few hours ago for me tested on two different webbrowser
  9. Hey, I got an license overused alert in ERA and in EBA . found an link and read and maked an account on ela.eset.com and try put in my business licens key but says have an company account. used same email when buyed that business product. what can i do for fix that
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