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  1. Thank you, I will consider your answer.
  2. Good Day, Is there any news about questions from ESET team?
  3. Hello, 2. Make your private cloud instance accessible from the internet (the port on which ESMC server is listening to agents). Are there any best practices (recommendations) on how best to connect the client, in terms of security hack?
  4. Thanks for the answer MichalJ. 1.Which of these options is the most popular according to statistics?. 2. Where can I find information about use HTTP Proxy? 3. Can I use my proxy server or do I need to install Apache HTTP Proxy. Do I need to install something else on the client side or just specify the use of a proxy in the agent settings? Thanks.
  5. Hello, If we are an MSSP provider and want to provide ESET services to customers, what is the best way to connect clients (EES, ERA) to the ESMC that is on our side (MSSP provider)?
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