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  1. Ok ..thanks Marcos...just seemed coincidental
  2. Ok I saw the list of sites that had data breaches the majority of them I don't use or have barely ever used but will now definitely delete but what I am finding now ever since I put my email address into that site I'm suddenly getting new spam in my inbox this is so frustrating I get hundreds a day and I can't stop them
  3. Marcos. I went to the link you provided.. How do I send you PM
  4. Marcos.. I went to Pwnd and it says 8 accts are showing up. ???
  5. Thank you!!!! Marcos..i will go to that site. I figured as much
  6. Help. I tried calling ESET and no one is in office today just received an email with my password as subject saying they have access to all of my accounts and are going to extort me if I don't send them $800 in Bitcoin how do I deal with this
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