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  1. Good afternoon, I have several Arp cache vulnerabilty events within my internal network. Most come from servers, these same servers give access to databases for software. I would like to know how I can exclude these computers.
  2. Good Morning, You need to create a static group dashboard example: y = number of computers with eset installed x = static group1, static goup2, sattic group3 I want to do something like this, but I can't find the right options to make the chart, can you help?
  3. Once again I went after the mistake and the truth is that it was poorly made configurations that succeeded these misunderstandings. But now that I have your attention. To create domain groups. Example: Main group = all clients Secondary Group = Clients from Secondary My problem is in the secondary groups, where I can not get them to just pick the options that belong to the groups themselves. Can you help me with this? And thanks for all
  4. Well, I already got politics to start replicating to computers. Until you see all the active computers are enabled with the license. Now the machine update is not improving. It can not do the EndPoint Update for the latest. Any idea what to do?
  5. I have a proxy and I am using the windows firewall at the moment, because I also have the problem of where I install Endpoint Security, the active firewall is no longer visible on the network unless the other computer also has the Installed Endpoint But I already use RemoteDeployment to install the software and I have lots of problems I do not understand what is going on. Since I have everything ready to install And already a very noob question but as it is the first few times I am working with these things. These ports that have to be active is in the inbound of the firewall right? Thanks again
  6. Hello, I can see the computers in the ERA, that's fine. But as for managing the computers, I have not had much luck. Wake-up call does not work, updates do not work, livegrid updates do not work. I would like to know if you could help me, because it's a big inconvenience for me. And I know you guys all like a good challenge. Could you give me an idea of what I have to do to get everything up and running? Thank you
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