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  1. recently I want to upgrade my endpoint security Version 6 to version 7. When i un install previous version (Eset Uninstaller tools / Manually from Control panel) and try to Install the latest version of Eset Endpoint Security version 7, an error message showing like below. "Could not write value ProductACode to key\Software\Eset\Eset Security\currentVersion\Info,Verify that you have sufficient access to that key,or contact your support personnel." Error message screenshot also attached. Approximate 20+ Windows 7 & 10 endpoint pcs have same issue. For your information i also try this methods from this link https://support.eset.com/kb3535/ , but its not working. Need to solution asap. Screenshot link: https://ibb.co/QmZxF5W
  2. Yes. This software installed in Program files folder and appears in the list of installed programs in the Control Center . Its software's are common like team viewer, vlc player, Mozilla Firefox, winrar etc.
  3. Mistakenly reporting of non-ESET applications are disable on agent policy. Now i enabling this and they are showing at Installed Application Menu. Thanks For your Reply . Btw "Software Uninstallation - via context menu" Not working . There was an error message " Task Failed, Try to un install software Manually " . Actually i want to uninstall my remote users unwanted software.
  4. Hi i am install Eset Endpoint Advanced (On Premise) . Many of applications and software installed my workstation and server pc . But they are not showing into my era web console (Installed Application Menu) . note I am install Era server Today. How can solve it ?
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