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  1. Sorry for my bad english. So should I set Eset mobile security for my phone spam filter? This is pretty old what do you mean unsecure wifi?
  2. Android mobile why is there no in depth tutorial guid and does it really work or is it just hype? I mean come on we know the majority of is bull an pretends to clean your phone etc an wants access to all these important things. Of course you woulldn't admit it but I've come to respect Eset for more then a decade. Like what about the spam calls how many mistakes does that make and don't tell me it makes none. That att guarbage unreliable... I don't expect perfect obviously doesn't exist.... Also off topic how is eset doing with windows 11? Which makes windows 10 look like a privacy protector..?
  3. Also it seems ESSP won't be so premium anymore an paid year for it. Been very loyal to eset but are we also going to lose those three things that make it so special?
  4. Like the above said, does the discount work on the other 2 have. Or just disable my eset security an if its around next year an see whats left of it...
  5. Already have 2 licensces for ESSP for computer but does the mobile EIS do anything?... Really? Have it on the s20 ultra also it help an get in that many spots? Also does what are peoples experiences with using them as the main mobile spam blocker
  6. So, it seems more like a mobile thing wit low ratings sadly why is that? Do they offer it on pc, I imagine so but I was VERY dissapointed in their encryption thing. I mean ya its still cool but I upgraded because they said: admin or moderator cant remember, new was thing coming out and my EiS was about to run out so I figured what the heck.. I do like it but I wouldn't of upgraded if I new this.. It's a good product.. Is there anyway I can move over all my passwords safely from firefox lockwise to Eset other then copy and past each one
  7. Anyone have experience with this, also would appreciate your experience. I'm trying to decide between Eset's password manager or firefox's.. Thanks God Bless!
  8. I got the hint that it's not suppose to be known for now. I wish I could of waited till then but my thing was about to expire so it is what it is. Maybe a promotion thing idk.
  9. Ya, and ya but I never figured out how to understand everything (ignoring the advanced section which I just let it be). Can't wait. Also the password manager I think would be more secure then the firefox one right? But I would probably have to manually transfer the passwords which its better to be secure so no problem.
  10. So since I need renewal in 5 days (starting tomorrow) and you say better stuff is coming in ESSP in h2, I'm guessing it's best to upgrade or not and get another year of EIS? Also is 21h1 after 20h2? Currently on 19041.985 then their is 19042.985, and 19043.985. Main computer is on 20h2 so 19042.985 I'm guessing? I'd like to note it's best to wait as long as possible before updating because they release it with MANY MANY bugs an just do not care and it's best to wait at the very least a little bit till they patch the glitches..
  11. Ya I realize that but the interface is definitely a little challenging and confusing - The mobile version. Well got EIS on computer and it also looks little challenging when you get into the advanced settings..
  12. Hmmm I ended up choosing mobile premium 30 days trial but its very hard to follow because it is definity different then what I saw before.. Also I dont want any rooting or anything. Back to computer and its running and yet they want to do another update and 20 days is longest I can hold it but maybe longer as they keep patching everyway. My EIS runs out on the 29 this month. Ya have a password manager that I only feel comfortable talk with a manger. Plus I already notice on the new updates they are changing a lot and a TONNN of setting turning off their adware, data stealing list goes on.They reset my setting and made even more. Also how am I suppose to know what version I'm on it doesn't say 21h or 22h or whatever anywhere. Please delete this if it exposes anything personao! Also why it says 2004 I have NO CLUE! All help is appreciated.
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