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  1. Do you use stickypassword alone or also google sync or whatever it is called? Sorry if I asked you this before. So does stickypassword work on Windows 10, IOS and Android? I use android and Windows 10. How do I contact sales? And what should I ask? (Sorry I just want to be thorough..) Also idk if you want to pm me if you have EIS or ESSP or I see you don't want to share which is cool. Also do you use stickypassword with google password remembrance? I've seen complaints with the premium password manager causing issues but who knows maybe just some.. I think I'm overthinking this but if stickypa
  2. Well its been proven beyond a insane amount Google spies on you and sells your data an so on an so on.. Ya I remember you saying that so I didn't imply it. Ill just stick to EIS. And see if Eset will let me work out a deal with the mobile but a guy says no because it has Mahaffey which id rather have nothing then that virus. Ill need to dig through phone an delete it but I bet its impossibly hidden. What is your thing called and recommend it? U can PM me or if not get it i guess. Thanks for help
  3. Man I'm using Firefox sync may have to switch to Google if I remember correctly right? Because the app SUCKS. The one on computer is amazing but the Android app is a joke!Also im trying to get mobile security for Android but do I buy another seat or under my.eset.com click add license (from my ESET INTERNET SECURITY) and if you scroll down u see for Existing customer which is for updating to premium now an add seat to EIS Which only lasts to 6 month of this year same with switching to premium. Anyway then see FOR HOME and FOR BUSINESS then a list of there 3 windows products then 2 MAC products
  4. Same... my computer updated but I guess I have some more to go through. I hear a lot of people having issues with password manager on Android but the mobile security has 4.4 stars so seems alright. But their password manager is awful at least on Android.
  5. Oh ya almost forgot, Android is saying I was on the beta but then it sends me to same lin in play store so I can't download just uninstal. Idk if I was on it and I need to uninstall then reinstall which is stupid.
  6. Ya on the my.eset.me. basically ride it out until the 6th of May. But ya now I'm going to have to look into this password manager deeper because idk if thats a rare issue what person said or does it pop up a lot? Anyway my last question I hope. I've looked into it no Android doesn't need a AV, yes Android needs an AV and EVERYTHING in between idk something reptilian shape shifters among others. Im stuck on it,do I get it? YOU CAN SKIP READING BELOW IF SO DECIDE Which this book of Enoch that was magically "found", in the Vatican and you compare that with the Catholic Bible thier extre
  7. Ya I'm aware of the pwned thing. And switching to premium is no big deal or should I pay for a password manager or upgrade is what your saying? Sorry bothered you a lot.
  8. Should I switch to Chrome because I got Firefox and I sync it to my android an other phone no issues seems secure to me I think but if you think googes better ill go with it. Btw Eset Internet Security doesn't come with the password manager. Its Eset smart security premium which I think you meant. But even with tgosex2 extra things odk if its better or worse or the same as Eset Internet Security but idk its probably best to stick with what you know idk.. I don't trust those password managers like last pass or bitwarden etc so if it were to be one it for sure be with eset. Did I ask what type y
  9. Well should I switch to chrome? I mean obviously thier is the data stealing that Google does and I don't even have to say anything about google.. why do you you choose Google and would a password manager like bitwarden (just an example) instead, be better?. Sorry off topic but I'm still on this part makes no sense and has to be wrong obviously. Until I duckduckgo it an glance at it. (Note: I accidently deleted part of a sentence so I just guessed it. The sentence b4 duckduckgo.) Version - 2004 Installed on 12/1/2020 OS build - 19041.685 Experience - doesn't matter and they
  10. Thanks. Should I upgrade other 20th? Or get over with? Ya up to me i know but asking your opinion.
  11. Ya thanks for help but I'm wondering if you don't mind if your on 20h2 windows? If not thats cool.
  12. Ya I had that 2 paid. I guess I'm to foolish for this so idk what I'll do but I figured it out atleast the getting both computers to work with each license.
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