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  1. Hi itman: The unit is logged into network with admin. rights. I can view directories and files to scan. The unit utilizes programs and files on the novell 6 network. The Novell 6 is formatted with traditional file structure as opposed to conventional file structure. This was done to allow better record locking on a old dos based database. Thanks Rich
  2. Eset Smart Security version 9.0.402.0. Scans fine on local drives c:,e:,f:. Ideas? Thanks Rich
  3. Hello: When I try to scan a mapped Novell drive. The log reports no files scanned? Eset shows the mapped drives. Log Scan Log Version of virus signature database: 14204 (20160930) Date: 9/30/2016 Time: 10:12:07 AM Scanned disks, folders and files: G:\;H:\;P:\;U:\;V:\;W:\;X:\;Y:\;Z:\ Number of scanned objects: 0 Number of threats found: 0 Time of completion: 10:12:07 AM Total scanning time: 0 sec (00:00:00) Thanks Rich
  4. In our small business we are tyed to an old database program. That only has a upgrade path to a complete re-read programs. Cost would be too high. We need to stick with XP, probably even if we need to take XP unit off internet. Will Eset provide some protection for us in the future?? I know it would not be as good as windows patchs and Eset. But, at least some protection. Thanks Rich
  5. Still have issues. So, I turned off screen saver, even though I changed power setting to always on. It now worked flawless for two weeks. Does not make sense to me, but it seems to have worked. Rich
  6. Ok, Taking off a recommended update KB2492386 seems to have fixed this on my ASUS motherboard. Until this recent problem scans have always worked very good for me. But, I am still on Windows XP here on a very small Novell network. Microsoft=$$ does not care that I need to stay with this to run a old Database program called dataease. The cost to migrate for a small company is just to costly!
  7. Hi TomFace: I have been trying different things. Most recent was to put on some .net windows updates. On bootup my one scheduled scan that should start if over 24 hours did start. I will check if other scans also work and continue to work. I will post back if I still beleive it was the .net windows updates stuff.
  8. The problem is the scheduled scan does not start, even when I tell it to scan next available chance. The only way to scan is manually. This function worked fine for years. Only recently developed the problem. Unit appears to be working OK otherwise. My concern is a virus Etc somehow turned off the automatic scan. I should have repeated my issue in first line of previous post. My issue is listed in the topic of my post. The rest of my first post our the things I have already tried to fix the issue. I will check Monday morning if it is logging other scheduled events for automatic updates.
  9. Hello: This is an Windows XP SP3 fully patched install. Scans are all coming back with nothing found. No recent removal of any problems. This worked fine until about 10 days ago. I tried reintalling ESET. No change still does not fire. I tried restore points from XP, but did not restore anything? One other system restore said it failed because of no changes. I tried deleting scan setup and making a new one. Thanks in advance for your help!! Rich
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