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  1. Ok, will report back later. Do I also have to point agents to the era6 folder ? Edit: @Marcos Ok, after downloading pre release of era6, configuration module got updated to 1740.3 and I was able to disable alerts about protocol filtering :D. As for the http proxy, that is not possible because none of the computers have access to internet because they are on the closed network. The only way to update them is through mirror tool that creates update folder that (at least for now) I'm copying to the closed environment and then, updates are already accessible through apache http proxy that I configured.
  2. I'm updating from offline mirror that is created by mirror tool. My conf file for mirror tool skips ep5, ep6 and era6. Is it ok ? I only download ep7 because all eset versions are v7
  3. Other modules got updated as seen on picture I've uploaded. Tried again today but still the same. I'm gonna leave it like that for now. Maybe it will get changed/fixed in the next release.
  4. Unfortunately, after switching to pre release, configuration module is still the same :(. Guess I have to wait untill this is changed in a future release.
  5. I so I will change update modules to pre release and get back to You after I'm done with updates. That can take some time because of other stuff I have to do now. Thanks for Your help.
  6. Ok so I am a little bit confused but getting to understand it. Updates are for modules and repository is for installers ? is that right ?
  7. Sure thing, I'm aware of it. Will download pre release for repository using mirror tool and update esmc and report back if anything has changed after an update.
  8. Maybe just for testing I will download updates and repository for pre relase and see how it goes....
  9. Why does Your screen look different than mine ? Is it like older version or something or different system ? These options are available for Eset Endpoint Antivirus for Windows but not for Eset File Security for Windows. All of my antiviruses and esmc are >= v7. Policy for EFSW is for V6+.
  10. Thanks for answers. I already know why there are alerts about protocol filtering, it's because they are disabled in policy, because I don't need them. Computers that are protected with Eset are in an offline network without access to internet, smtp and so on. And now, those alerts cannot be removed on a station that has Eset for fileserver installed because, there is no such option in policy configuration, as shown on my previous post. But if You really want, I can create new topic and upload logs.
  11. I would like to ask another question, not related to the topic, but I don't want to start another thread on the forum. In ESMC I have One Sever that has alerts about "Protocol Filtering". But, I'm unable to disable those alerts using Policy for File server because there is no option for it in Interface/Aplication Status. If I unlock Interface Status to be able to configure it from local computer, It still doesn't work (By that I mean that Eset on server doesn't show any alerts, everything is green, but, on ESMC it has 3 alerts about options beeing disabled) Any ideas why there are less options for alerts statuses in policies for server than on policies for Endpoint Antivirus ?
  12. Thanks for Your answer. So I will be renaming this file for now, until a fix is introduced maybe with a new version of ESMC.
  13. Hello I've installed newest ESMC on windows server 2016 and I'm trying to create allinone installer for other clients that will be connecting to esmc. My setup is unfortunately completely offline, so I had to setup offline updates and also offline repository. And now, I was able to create installer with offline repository but when I try to download Eset Endpoint Installer I get "Internal server error". So I've looked through logtrace and found the culprit: 2019-07-02 10:15:19 Information: CInstallersModule [Thread 22e8]: Repository: Downloading repository package 'hxxp://' 2019-07-02 10:15:19 Information: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 5b10]: 47 GetFileProgress request received. 2019-07-02 10:15:19 Information: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 5b10]: 47 GetFileProgress success. 2019-07-02 10:15:19 Error: CInstallersModule [Thread 22e8]: CInstallerPackageProcessor::BuilderThread end unexpected with error: GetFile: Object 'hxxp://' not found [error code: 20011] I've created installer with language PL and EN and the error is the same, it looks for epi_ita.exe, and obviously, there is none, because I've downloaded only PL and EN installers for repository. If I copy files from PL language and name them as ITA, then it works and I can download installer for clients. Is it the ESMC server looking for file with wrong language ?
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