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  1. It need to create dynamic group and apply policy to group. I considered the home and business versions. Quite understandable. Thanks
  2. Thanks. I saw this politic. But how to make it work when an active threat is found.
  3. Thanks for reply Marcos. Can you show the settings (screen) ESMC for EES, situation when an active threat is found and all traffic is blocked, except for connecting to the ESMC. How can i configure this posibility?
  4. ESET Smart Security Premium has a function Block all traffic on the Firewall. Is this feature turned on only manually or does it turn on automatically when certain actions trigger?
  5. Yes, I know it for business products. As I understand it, you need to add the license manually in home versions, thanks.
  6. I figured it out, thanks. But I have additional question, what command should i write to automatically activate the device? I did the export and then import the settings, but the license did not catch up.
  7. Where did i go wrong with silent install ESET Smart Security Premium essp_nt64.exe --silent --accepteula --msi-property PRODUCTTYPE=essp PRODUCT_LANG=1033 PRODUCT_LANG_CODE=en-US ADMINCFG="C:\config.xml"
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