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  1. Reading the Windows tech site this morning, looks like "Windows To Go" is depreciated in Win 10 Version 1903 and will be discontinued thereafter! Microsoft shoots another one down... Does anybody know if; Is it or would be possible to get an ESET Endpoint scanner working under Windows PE on a USB Drive? Is it or would be possible to get an ESET Endpoint scanner working under Linux on a USB Drive to scan a Windows Machine? In meantime I will stick to mirroring to portable drives, and scanning on a lone machine...
  2. ESET Endpoint Security and Windows 2Go Has anybody determined whether it is possible to install and run ESET Endpoint Security on a Windows 2Go USB Drive as a replacement for an ESET SysRescue Live offline scan USB drive? Alternatively has anyone built a Windows PE environment USB Drive capable of running ESET SysRescue Live, Endpoint Security or some other offline scanner? I ask this because of the difficulty running ESET-SysRescue-Live on newer PCs and laptops running Windows 10, as it requires turning off the Secure Boot and TPM BIOS modules and does not always find newer NVMe, RAID and GPT drives due to a lack of drivers! (Yes, I know ESET does not guarantee that SysRescue-Live will run correctly on Windows 10 machines). We recently received a couple of infected Windows 10 machines, which somebody mistakenly plugged into our network to copy the users files, our servers running Eset File Security detected the virus' / malware and quarantined them, but a couple of Windows 10 machines with only Windows Defender missed the virus' / malware (Arrgh!). Normally we would copy/mirror secondhand drives to a portable hard drive and scan/clean with a lone machine running Endpoint Security and if infected zero the original drives, reinstall the OS and copy the users files from the cleaned portable HD. SysAdmins don't cry, they solve users problems.
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