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  1. Thanks Marcos. All done and scanning right now 😁
  2. I purchased a NOD32 license for eSET on my new laptop last week. Unfortunately, due to problems with my WIndows 10 installation, I chose to do a factory-settings restore to get my laptop to the state it was when it was delivered to me on 12th June. In doing this I lost all my installed apps including eSET. Obviously I paid for the license and would request that you provide me with another licensed copy to replace the one I lost. Thank you.
  3. I have been trying to do a System Restore in Windows 10 but it fails with a message 'System Restore could not access a file. This is probably because an anti-virus program is running on the computer. Temporarily disable your anti-virus and try retry System Restore'. Unfortunately I don't know how to stop NOD32. Any help please?
  4. Thanks Rami. I'll certainly have a look at both of them.
  5. Marcos Thanks for the comments. I've used uTorrent on a couple of other PCs without any problems. Your suggestions for excluding the signature worked.
  6. I am trying to install uTorrent and NOD32 is blocking me. I've tried to ignore the block but NOD32 still blocks the installation. Please advise.
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