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  1. Alright, thank you for trying to help me with my issue though. We'll probably contact our ISP and sort things out, hopefully. I'm gonna wait a few more days [because I've just restarted the router by unplugging it from the source and I'm not noticing any unknown ip's... yet.] and see if i'll have more ip's logged.
  2. Also, does stealth mean that it's properly set up or like it protects me or what?
  3. I do not have any sort of mobile hotspot though, the ZTE device is probably a ZTE ZXA10 F643. [saying probably because it looks just like that one because I've just searched it up, I do not know what model it is though and that's why I had to search it up.] And also, the only way I can change the password is by changing the password to the wi-fi itself, i'm not aware of any way to set up passwords for routers because as I've said i'm not experienced when it comes to stuff like this.
  4. Btw I've just done both tests for ports and the only failed thing that I get is the ping reply, but the first 1056 ports are set to stealth and at the common ports they're also set to stealth.
  5. Alright, and what about the unknown ip's? Are they safe or should I be worried about them?
  6. Alright, thank you guys for taking your time to help me out. Also, I've got a really quick question, am I safe? I mean my main concern was that someone [or multiple people] were trying to hack or even rat my pc, my conclusion to that was because of all of the Port Scans i've received and the multiple unknown ip's being blocked by eset, and when I searched up those ip's on abuseipdb they were flagged.
  7. One thing I can confirm is that my IP Address isn't public, it's private. In-fact all of the IP's that are used on most of my devices [phones, tablets and everything] are private. I'm not sure about the router though, how can I check that? Also, if it could help you solve my problem, I currently have 2 devices working as a router [not sure how it works but it works, one's a router from TP-Link and the other one is a device from ZTE, if one isn't powered then our internet won't work] because we do not have a wireless router. The main reason why we have 2 devices is because our cables got screwed up and just about 2-3 weeks ago we've had our ISP come and repair them. Edit: If this will also help you then I can tell you this; when searching "what is my ip" on the internet and tracking the location, it doesn't precisely give my pin-point location, it just shows that I'm living in that city, but not precisely the exact location where I live. I'm sorry if what I've said up there doesn't make any sense but I'm new to stuff like this and I'm not quite experienced and that's why I'm asking for help.
  8. This has happened about a few minutes ago, I'm seriously sick of stuff like this. If anyone has any idea on how to help me out or atleast tell me if i'm safe or not then i'd really appreciate that. This is starting to get annoying to a whole new level.
  9. Hello everyone, soo this is pretty recent. For the last couple of days I have been exhausted by the amount of ip's I see that either attempt to port scan me [2-3 ip's have attempted to port scan me in the past, most recent one was a few days ago but have been blocked by eset's firewall] and some ip's that have something to do with Svchost. I don't even know what to do anymore and I have ran out of ideas. My original idea was to ignore everything and let the time talk by itself, but it has come to the point where I constantly keep on checking the connections that were attempted via my internet. I have done everything, from scanning my network to even scanning my pc several times to see if I have any sort of malware inside my pc. Nothing was found. I've searched most of the ip's that pop up as svchost or whatever on abuseipdb and most of them were flagged as malicious. I'm gonna post some screenshots here of such ip's: I don't even know what to do anymore. Thanks in advance for your help.
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