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  1. In addiction to all the problems reported in my post above (instant block not working i.e.), after 30 minutes of usage my daughter (13 y.o.) fully uninstalled the app in his phone. Not good , switched to another (russian) app which seems to be much more robust againts all attempts to uninstall/disable the app.
  2. Thank you , I fully uninstalled Family Link and installed Eset Parental control . I already configured everyhting , and it seems very nice and easy to use . Even if I didn't understand why if I click Instant Block nothing happens. Is it normal ? Also I do not understand the difference between "time limits for fun and games" and "time budget" . I understood "time limits for fun and games" applies temp limits for fun and games app categories ONLY while when the "time budget" limit is reached ALL the phone is locked , am I right ? If yes , there is something wrong with "time budget" and "Instant Block" because when one of these two cases happens, absolutely nothing happens in the phone of my daughter . Also other problem I have a question mark (?) near Battery status and Alarm status when using Firefox on my Windows 10 eset parental control (Devices page), while it works correctly if I check my daughter phone status in my smartphone. Another question, does exist Eset Parental control for Windows 10 too ? Regarding the post above I do not have in "Huwaei P9 lite" the menu system settings -> Battery -> Launch
  3. Hello I'm currently using Google Family link . It's ok but it has a problem , when the daily usage time limits are surpassed, my daughter simply restarts the Android phone , set the Ultra Save power mode , and in this mode she can do everything and bypass fully all goggle family link limits and app limitations. So, in other words Google Family link is useless. I reported the problem to Google but they have no solution at this time. My question is ; does exist this problem also in ESET parental control ? If you restart the android phone and set immediately (when the os is available) the ultra save power mode, is ESET able to provide all parental control limits (time and app limits) ? Thank you
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