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  1. Thank you for confirmation. In the time zone when the error occurred, it was not possible to connect due to network failure. After the network failure was restored, I could no longer connect to EsetManeger. In the end, I restored the manual certificate on the EsetAgent terminal. The problem is that there are a large number of terminals that have similar events. It is difficult to reset the certificate manually by one machine. Is it possible to reset the certificate for each EsetAgent terminal from EsetManager side?
  2. By AGT you mean ESMC agent? ⇒yes Thank you for your reply. Attach the log. trace.zip
  3. I delayed to reply. I checked the log. When the history is confirmed, the log is not output at the end of "Thread 9e4]: No such node (result.strIssuer)" In the end, you can connect by manually resetting the certificate on the AGT side. Is there any chance that the certificate will be damaged when EsetAgent cannot connect to EsetMgr?
  4. status.html uploaded. However, the image and information uploaded earlier are the same. status.zip
  5. Thank you for your reply. The IP of the Mgr server has never been changed. Also, the server certificate has never been changed. What is worrisome is the day when the last connection date stopped. The PCs implemented WindowsUpdate. Does WindowsUpdate break settings? We will upload status.html. Is it possible to redeploy a certificate to each client PC by executing a task from EsetMgr?
  6. Hello. Please forgive me that it may be strange English because it is posted by machine translation. EsetSeucrityManager and EsetManagerAgent can no longer be connected. There was a temporary network failure and EsetManagerAgent could not connect to EsetSeucrityManager. After that date, we confirmed that EsetManagerAgent is still unable to connect to EsetSeucrityManager. Therefore, when I checked the Log of EsetManagerAgent, it was confirmed that the IP of the connection destination was rewritten to without permission. As a countermeasure It was confirmed that the IP address of EsetSeucrityManager was re-specified when the program was repaired. However, it is hard because there are a lot of EsetManagerAgent. Can these operations be repaired remotely from EsetSeucrityManager?
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