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  1. ewon. Thank you for your reply. After all you can not set facility. I'm sorry. I confirmed that the facility will be imported as "user" when forwarding logs to the Syslog server, so I wanted to change it. Consider changing the port number instead of the log file and importing directly by telegram. Thank you
  2. I want to set the facility code number when reporting log information from Eset Security Manager in SYSLOG
  3. Hi MichalJ. I want to set up a facility for transferring Eset's Syslog to a Syslog server. After confirming the Syslog communication transferred from Eset, the facility has been transferred by user. For example,I want to receive it in any of local0 to local7
  4. Hi! There is no facility configuration to export ESET Security Management Center Syslog. How do I set up a facility? URL used for reference https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/admin_server_settings_syslog.html
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