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  1. Hi Marcos, I can see /Library/Application Support/ESET/esets/logs/eventlog.dat is 811 GB in one example, and the attachment on this message is the output from running tail -f on that file. I'm unable to log onto this computer interactively while this file is present, but if there's another preferred method to view the logs, please let me know. Thank you. event.txt
  2. Hi there, We recently updated our Mac clients from ESET Endpoint Security 6.7.654.0 to 6.7.876.0 and notice that the ESET logs folder (/Library/Application\ Support/ESET/esets/logs) is filling up quickly, to the point where we can no longer log in to computers because the hard drive is full. I don't see a similar issue in the known issues list for ESET Endpoint Security, but was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar or if there are any suggestions on troubleshooting why this is happening. Attached is a screenshot looking at disk usage via SSH for this folder (in this example, 756 GB). Thanks!
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