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  1. hi, thanks for your answers. okay, the Communication could really be the problem. The client runs in a closed environment that has no connection and will have no connection to the Internet. All communication must go through the ESMC which is for sure connected to the internet. Does the client really need to connect to edf.eset.com? I searched for an agent log on both systems (Linux client and ESMC), but found nothing suitable. There is a trace.log on both systems but there is nothing about an "EcpCommunicator" inside. thanks!
  2. Okay... that means, that I am not able to install a offline license and give the client task "product activation" a second try. Where can I find the logs on the server to find out exactly where the problem for this task is? I raised the log level in the advanced settings at the ESMC to "trace" but i didn´t find the appropriate log file.
  3. Hi, I am currently evaluating the NOD32 on an HP Thin Client (HP Thin Pro OS). I got the agent to work and installed the Endpoint Security (both manual). Only the license is not automatically installed by the Security Management Center (task terminates after one hour with no meaningful error). Therefore I created an offline license via the License Administrator and get a esetnod32-0.lf file. My question: How do I import it into the system now, where does this file go? Thanks in Advance!
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