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  1. Problem is solved i will send a message and a big thanks to Marcos. It was a license problem being that my original was bought in Germany and i renewed through the Belgian website.
  2. Hello, i was able to retrieve my password, but i still can not activate my new license, it keeps saying internal server error. Greetings Hans
  3. It is sent. Thank you for the response Edit: the trail license is greyed out.
  4. As the title says, This forum is my last hope. I bought a license renewal for 3 years (about 54€). I get an email with my new license key that i need to activate, i click on the link, fill in all the details. (my old license/password etc) and then when i click activate i get a error that there is a system failure or that my info is wrong. So ok maybe i try to reset my password for my old license but all i get back is a email with NO password in it. On top of that my old license is not even active anymore and i can't activate it............because the password is now faulty it claims. I
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