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  1. No difference. Another option somewhere in Eset's settings seems to strongly decrease my VPN connection. The question is which one? Not being an expert, I do not know. If I do not find a solution, I will have to choose between keeping Eset and give up the VPN or keep the VPN and give up Eset for the benefit of windows defender by default with excellent internet speed ... 
  2. Hello. I use on my Windows 10 pc gamer the excellent eset internet security and a vpn (protonvpn). But, Eset significantly slowed down my internet VPN. With Windows defender my downstream VPN is ~ 512Mb / s. After installing ESET, my VPN speed never exceeds 68 Mb / s. Is there a specific setting to configure in the antivirus to fix the problem? Sincerely aiolia.
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