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  1. Please accept my obvious ignorance, I'm still very new to ESET (I'm a recovering Symantec addict). I have installed an Endpoint RA Server on a Win2k8 R2 64-bit server, and have begun pushing out remote client installations to our servers and workstations/notebooks. The only thing that I'm uncertain about (so far) is whether or not I need to push out the File Security for Windows Server client software to the ERAS itself as well, or if it is already protected via the ERAS installation. As I said, I'm still a noob, so please don't fall out of your chair laughing. I do need to comment that the documentation for ESET products is somewhat... lacking. I downloaded all of the available PDF guides for the various products, but found very little about actual configuration. I was able to figure out most of it through trial and error (and the all-knowing "Google"), but it would have been nice to have all of the answers in one location. Okay, I'm off of my soapbox now, so back to my original question. Do I need to install the client, or is the server already protected by the ERAS installation? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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