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  1. Well, short time after my last post, I tried to use "Customer care". After many messages tormenting me with information requests and with useless advices, at some point they stopped responding (without solving my problem). I guess I was out of "quota" of messages/care per client... Yesterday I switched to another ISP provider. Now it's even worst, disabling VirtualBox Host-Only Network doesn't solve the problem. I learned 2 things: 1. Buying an expensive AV/SS doesn't guarantee a better customer support or better help forum. 2. On my 4 GB RAM computer Avira free 300 MB Ram is better than Eset SS 100 MB Ram. Never had viruses with Avira free, checked weekly with another 3 AVs.
  2. Is there any hope for this problem to be solved in the near future? Because it's annoying to have to wait 1.5 min each time after I start the host OS so I can browse the internet. Btw, the host OS is started in less time. If you need to see my activation code/username/password or if you want to do a remote session with TeamViewer, I'm glad to help. Btw, in those files I sent you'll notice a strange exe file called DelTempFiles set to start with the host OS. It's not a virus, it's an application made by me. And it's harmless.
  3. Thank you. Yes. I just bought ESS so I never use it with older versions of VirtualBox. But I will test with some of them. This problem does not have anything to do with the guest OS because, when the host OS starts, any VM is closed. In my previous post I said it's "Windows XP SP3" (x86 it's not needed to be mentioned since only x86 has SP3, x64 has only SP2). Just ESS. The one from Windows XP is deactivated. No. Only removing ESS completely or disabling the VirtualBox Host-Only Network helps. PM sent (with only the data from host OS not the guest, because, like I said, this problem does not have anything to do with the guest). Later edit: I tested with a few older VirtualBox versions, no change.
  4. Hi. I have a delay problem with a DSL connection + VirtualBox host network + ESS on a Windows XP SP3 OS. The DSL connection is set to start with Windows. The problem is that it starts very slow (1 min 25 sec). Meantime the network properties are not accessible as well. Windows is starting fine (I just reinstall it so it's 100 % fresh), ESS is starting fine, VirtualBox host network has no problems. If I uninstall ESS or if I deactivate the VirtualBox host network or if I start the DSL connection manually all is fine (it start very fast). But I want to solve this problem without doing any of these... Before buying ESS I used Avira and had no such problem. What can I do..? Thank you in advance. Regards, David LE: DSL is meaning here "internet connection" not "Damn Small Linux"
  5. Thank you. But luckily a friend helped me and 2 out of 3 problems seems to be solved (username/password and the AVC denials). Now to solve the 3rd (services at start). Regards, David
  6. I recently bought ESS but since there is no ESS version for Linux I'm trying to install EAV. OS: Fedora 19 x86 with KDE. But I have some problems: 1. I type the username and password and it starts to update. Finally shows "ok" green in the first tab. But in update tab still says username/password incorrect. 2. I get a lot of AVC denials. Is it ok to do this...? I tried to create exceptions for them, it didn't work. 3. When Fedora starts it shows some problems waiting for a few services. Can you help me solve them, please...? Thank you. Regards, David
  7. Hi. I just bought Eset Smart Security multipack 4 licenses (1 year). I activated it and received the username and password. I installed it on 3 computers. But the 4th is been repaired for now so I can't install it. This will take a few weeks. Question: when I will finally get it repaired and install ESS, I will lose those weeks from my 1 year on that PC...? Or it will last a full year also? Thank you. Regards, David
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