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  1. Hi Marcos Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. If i use URL address management, i should not have to worry about whitelisting local ips? When testing with web control, i had to whitelist the pbx ip for the Avaya system to work. Is URL address management different? Thanks
  2. Hi all I am trying to implement web filtering for our company, with various levels of filtering across different departments. We use Office 365, Teams and SharePoint Online for the majority of our business content. Ideally we would like to only have a whitelist and block all other traffic. What is the best way to go about this: URL Address management, or Web Control, can these work in tandem? From my testing it seems that Web Control does not allow for wild card usage-is this correct? Ive noticed that if you allow say facebook.com, the site will load, but since it pulls content from other URLs, those other URLs also need to be whitelisted, or the page doesn't render properly. Is there a way to whitelist the main URL and for the page to render properly? We are having issues with ips, and ports other than 80/443 for systems such as printers, VoIP systems, and RDP. Is there a way to only block web traffic and allow other traffic? Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully someone can help me come right!!
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