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  1. Since, I had to rebuild my pc, which was the best advise, I've gotten, from my sons, I've had Windows 8.1, with Eset Smart Security 7, I, just let everything for Microsoft, be allowed, and have not had any issues, and my pc, is just running perfectly. I, would say, that those, whom, are worried, and those, that have something to hide, such as pirated software. If, you are running, great without any issues, then, just let do it's thing, and allow all of Microsoft's traffic. B)
  2. I think too, it maybe a bug in Windows 8/8.1, because I say this, when I had Windows 7, in my other pc, before it went to the junk pile, and then I built this one, which is so far superior, then my other store bought one. Eset Nod32 ran pefectly. B)
  3. Yes, I did everything you said to do, and it still is an issue. At this point I have no ideas, what else to do. Like I said, this is the only version I've had that this has happened to.
  4. Ok, I forgot to do the right shiuft which does as you said. Then I opened it back up, and the main program window and the icon in the task bar too. Well, I'll just have to live with it.
  5. Tried that, but when I resize and then press the red X it just closes window, not exiting as your post says will happen. So, still confused with this issue, since all my other versions I had installed, would startup minimized.
  6. When I do a computer startup, the main program window starts up maximized, and I have to shut it down manually. Is there a way that it will startup minimized automatically? Thank you in advance! B)
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