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  1. What's the easiest way to backup the current config and re-install this pos from scratch ? I miss ERA 5.0 it was light, and didn't use anything apache based,
  2. I've tried updating the license with firewall is disabled, i get the same error Also, why was i able ton install the license the first time and now i can't update ?
  3. here's another bunch of errors 2020-11-27 16:14:23 Error: LicenseModule [Thread 2984]: CLocationSynchronizationHandler : Calling ECP communicator v2 failed, seatId=[3ea0ccdc-66cb-4cbe-81ea-6059d679ea7c], error : CEcpCommunicator: HTTP send of XML request failed, error=20011. 2020-11-27 16:14:23 Error: LicenseModule [Thread 2984]: SynchronizationService: Synchronization of locations failed with the following message: CEcpCommunicator: HTTP send of XML request failed, error=20011. Last successful synchronization finished at: Never. 2020-11-27 16:14:23 Error: AutomationModule [Thread 2f6
  4. this is the only errors i see, all the same with the only difference being the session id 2020-11-19 16:38:37 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 694]: Error code:10054;(0x2746), An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host; SessionId:19483
  5. What I see in EBA does not reflect what's in ESMC, the dates don't match, and if I try to remove or add licenses in ESMC it fails I tried contacting support again and they ended up telling me to open a few ports on the firewall, I ended up adding the esmc server on the wide open internet just for the heck of it, still no go, at least I know it's not a port issue
  6. When I click on synchronize now, nothing ever happens, then I get a Synchronization was interrupted error I tried using support, it was.......interesting
  7. Hello, i've renewed my licences, and my servers,workstation do see the renewal date, but the security management center still see the old date, when i do an update by either replacing the license or going through EBA, it gives me an error, because of this the management center is unusable
  8. I still have a few NOD32 V5 on the floor and they need their updates, I tried changing the update path to the new esmc server with the proper port 3128, but they all return with file not found error, this is my file security version
  9. Hello, i've upgraded my era v5 server to esmc v7, since esmc 7 does not have mirror update support but http mirror my v5 clients can't receive updates anymore, i've read many threads on here and i'm at a loss, How do I set up an old fashioned mirror server ? i even tried using the local file security software to create a mirror server but the directory never fills up and my v5 clients keep saying file not found Thanks
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