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  1. Nichola

    What a mess

    Hi Richard Please can you call our office so we can help you resolve these issues with your renewals. The number to call is 01202 405405. A member of our reseller team will be able to help you immediately. Alternatively send us your details and we will contact you, please send to sales@eset.co.uk. Kind Regards Nicky
  2. Nichola

    What a mess

    HI Richard, I understand that you have now spoken to an account manager and i trust your issues have now been resolved. If not, please contact the sales team, rather than the UK support. Kind Regards Nicky.
  3. Nichola

    What a mess

    Hi Richard, I am sorry that you are experiencing issues with the new portal. We are aware of the above mentioned regarding the renewals and our team are working hard to get these fixed as soon as possible. Whilst we are fixing these issues please call in to your account manager or anyone on the sales team, who will be more than happy to assist you in using the portal and may be able to work around the smaller issue you may have. The number to contact the sales team is 01202 405405. Thank you
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