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  1. Okay. All of my networks are marked as public. Everything else seems to be functioning. I have removed ntoskrnl.exe from the SMB rule considering it didn't seem to make a difference.
  2. I have attempted to edit the registry under NetBT to value 2 as well as block the port within firewall rules under ntoskrnl under 138, 137, 139, and 445. I've made the conclusion of this when syphoning through Details within task manager/file location. However, 445 is still listening. I've also tried turning off netbios, ipv6 on my network adapters. I've been having security concerns and would like to ask as well if anything seems off. Regards.
  3. I've been getting a substantial amount of hidden ICMP channels (and a little bit of SMB) that are being blocked. I'm assuming there might be some malware that is hidden within my machine. What it is and where to find it is the question.
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