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  1. Hello and Thank you for the solution. The question I have: Why isnt the .msi made available as a downloadable link within the ECA? From what I understand, to generate the .exe, an MSI must be generated first and then embedded. Why not make it an option for those who need the MSI option (feature idea that I'm certain would be popular). Cheers.
  2. I was looking for a way to group computers that only contain the agent and not the AV. The main reason for this, is because at this time, there does not seem to be a method to automatically deploy the Agent AND AV in a hands free method (ala MDT server, only SCCM). Even the SCCM package only deploys the agent and not the AV. So I was going to setup an action that has a trigger where if there are any computers in the Agent only group, trigger the "Install AV" task and automatically install and license the workstation. I'd also like to create an opposite group where, if there has been no communication with the server in X days (say 90 days), mark as uninstall and remove license (put it back in the pool of licenses) from that machine (workstations die, and its easy to forget to relinquish its license). I'm basically trying to automate my AV coverage as much as possible with ECA and tasks since the generated installer doesn't seem to have a --silent install option anymore (some threads mentioned it, but I've tested it and it doesn't work).
  3. Yes, Unfortunately that article doesn't say anything about being able to, or not able to create other dynamic groups that currently are missing (Agent only, no AV for example). Its pretty presumptuous of ESET to think that the small set of stock default group sets covers all required aspects for all customers.
  4. Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to create Dynamic groups in ECA? If so, how? If not, When?
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