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  1. I wouldn't call it careless per-se. Its time availability. In smaller companies like mine (50-100 users), were big enough that its a chore to manage all end-points, but too small to justify one of the much more expensive centrally managed AV solutions for enterprises of 500+ endpoints. Commonly, for companies of this size, you have people like me, who are actually doing 2 or more jobs, since they cannot yet justify a full-time position for IT management. That means that single person has to manage, security, networks, storage, backups services, workstations and herding the cats (employee's). This is A LOT of systems to manage. So the more you can automate these day-2-day processes of having updates automatically pushed, and updated, maybe with just a report email, means I don't have to remember to check on my AV manager daily to see if there is updates, but know that I can rely on it to report to ME when there is a problem/warning/issue that actually requires my real attention. Automation is not an enemy, nor "lazy".
  2. Hello, So I was reviewing the tasks in ECA, and noticed that there doesn't seem to be an option to setup a task to upgrade to the "latest" version automatically. You have to select the specific version and re-create the task every time. Is there a way to create a task that would run nightly, and upgrade and endpoints that are not running the latest version, and automatically upgrade them and reboot that machine? It would be nice if I didn't have to re-create the task everytime a new version was released, but have a task that automates this process (kind of one of the points of having the ECA... isn't it?)
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