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  1. Thanks! Can any ESET Staff tell me whether GlobeImposter 2.0 would be picked up by ESET Smart Security Premium, please? (It's what I run on my own machine.)
  2. Hi Tom, Thanks - the file extensions were ".bak" I believe. This infection hasn't actually happened to my system, but to a friend's (he doesn't have ESET AV).
  3. It's starting to look like it might be GlobeImposter 2.0 . Anybody got any experience of this one?
  4. Hi all I'm hoping someone in the community can help identify what strain of ransomware has hit me today. I have attached a copy of the ransom note. Please assume for the moment that I have no backups and cannot restore the system from a snapshot, etc. All advice gratefully received. (I'm after advice on how to get out of this hole rather than "you should have..." advice on how I should have protected the system in the first place.) Thanks everyone!
  5. Not to hijack this topic, but can anyone suggest an easy way to find out what web page (or more specifically, the content within it*) is actually requesting webcam access? All I get is a warning that Google Chrome is attempting access. (*I am assuming that naughty embedded advertisement code is doing the requesting.)
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