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  1. sir i have tried all the numbers listed in your post but they are not answering now what i do
  2. yeah i have done that like 10 times and the nearest local distributor is almost 150-200 km away can't you do anything since your profile says you are from administrator group transaction id=E57FD922E1C13E0693C5 use this transaction id and do something marcos
  3. no, after the payment i am not redirected to any local distributor page i only got an email i have attached the screenshots of the email as you can see it says i should receive an email containing an activation code
  4. i purchased it online and they said they will send me an email so why i have go to local distributor
  5. i bought eset smart security premium on 15 of feb 2019 after the payment i received an email saying "payment success and I will receive an email with product activation code within 48 hours" but now it is 3 days and i am not seeing any email in my inbox and now I thinking i have wasted my money if any eset employee or anyone who work in eset reading this please help
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