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  1. I done it and restarted my PC but its still doesn't work. what is going on here?
  2. It seems like we have different problems cause the password manager doesn't work on any browser on my PC now. So what should I do?. can I reinstall the password manager itself and not just the addon of some browser?.
  3. Yes I have I USED the password manager until two days ago when the update happened.
  4. After an update my password manager addon stopped working on all the browsers it worked before and when I click on the password manager button in chrome or opera browser I see a message which say: "ESET Password Manager is not installed on your computer or outdated. Please visit ESET Password Manager homepage and install the latest version to use all its features." but the link just brings me to ESET main site without giving me any further instructions on what should I do now. why this happened and how do I fix this?
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