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  1. Wolfwalker, yes, disabling "Web protection" in Malwarebytes solves the problem. The other solution, which I consider not to be a solution since it leaves your computer vulnerable, is to disable ESET's Protocol Filtering which again, is not a good idea. Ugtopian, yes, Malwarebytes and ESET worked in harmony for years so again, what changed??
  2. Rami, I'm using uBlock origin with Google Chrome and Adblock Plus with Firefox but I'm still back to my point that all was fine for years and as of a few weeks ago I'm having the CPU usage at 99%. What did ESET do to cause this? Can this be undone? I paid for a lifetime subscription to Malwarebytes a few years back which, to my knowledge, has not been offered since. As of right now I have "Web protection" turned off in Malwarebytes but "Exploit protection", "Malware protection" and "Ransomeware protection" are still enabled with my CPU running normally. Marcos, Malwarebytes offers a fully functional premium version for 14 days so you can actually install it and hopefully, in 14 days, find out what's causing ESET's CPU issue with it. Thanks again!!!
  3. Thanks for your input Rami. If nothing changes soon (I'm currently still running Malwarebytes real-time with "Web protection" disabled) then I might have to think about doing that. I've had Malwarebytes block certain websites (maybe they were unsafe, maybe they weren't) when ESET did nothing which is why I kept both running. Again, this just started happening a few weeks ago and Malwarebytes is just fine to run with ESET ( https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/224390-is-eset-and-malwarebtyes-good-together/ ).
  4. Marcos, I too have been having the same issue with ekrn.exe sucking up 97-99% of the CPU which started about a week or two ago. Ugtopian hit the nail on the head about Malwarebytes so thank you sir for your wisdom!! I also am running Windows 7 Pro (64bit) on a i5-6500 with 16 gigs of RAM. I am running Malwarebytes v3.6.1.2711 (component package v1.0.508) and as soon as I do what Ugtopian said to do my ekrn.exe process immediately drops to 0-1% CPU usage. I've been running Malwarebytes alongside ESET (I have the ESET Internet Security (as of now running v12.0.3.1) for a few years now and have NEVER, EVER had any issues like this before. ESET, please fix this as I think your software suites are the best on the market!!!
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