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  1. Clearly, it is not. But, if there are multiple reports of issues that coincide with a recent update, even if it's not related, it's worth mentioning that there was a recent update. Any time you're troubleshooting a computer issue, you ask yourself what have I added or changed recently, and work from there. I'm fine with disabling the feature, in MWB3 (which has been around since at least 2016). I wanted to share what I had found, in an attempt to save others from having the issue (if it wasn't something unique to me). But, if Eset is able to determine the cause, and avoid the conflict, it may help retain sales. Or, if it is not something that can be done without adversely affecting the effectiveness of the software, a warning about the conflict would do nicely to save some head banging.
  2. We know we'd never want to be running multiple anti-virus programs, at the same time, but NOD32 and MWB have been working in harmony, for a very long time. And, if there were no complaints, there was no reason to change my behavior. It was like having a double lock on your door, In the last few weeks, one program or the other (or both) has changed, and so will my practices. If testing for compatibility, you don't see the adverse behavior, right away. It would take about half the day, after a reboot, for the ekrn.exe to spike.
  3. Hi, I have about 6 months left on a Nod32 2 year subscription, and suddenly, within the last week, this started happening to me too. ekrn.exe was hogging up the CPU, fluctuating between 97 & 98%. Pausing/disabling protection had no effect. It still pegged at 98.##. After some investigating, I determined that there was conflict with Malwarebytes (which has also been installed for a very log time). If I turn off the 'Web Protection', in the Malwarebytes Dashboard, Real-Time Protection Layers, the ekrn usage drops to under 1 percent of the CPU. I can turn 'Web Protection' back on, right away, and it's still below the 1%. I saw your post, and thought I'd share my experience. Thanks, Gary - Running Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) on an i5-2320 (yes, old) with 16G of ram.
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