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  1. Hi. Today I have visited one website that was safe before but today, while it was loading a small window popped up in the bottom right corner saying that they have detected JS/Kryptik.ble trojan on the site. My eset didn't let the side load (luckily). So my questions are: Is there any chance that the trojan has slipped through and entered my system? I'm running a deep scan but it didn't detect anything so far. My second question is what is JS/Kryptik.ble? I'm assuming JS means javascript and someone injected the website I wanted to visit with malicious code, don't know anything about the rest though. I did some googling and the only thing I've found is that there are various Kryptik trojans so nothing helpful. Also nothing helpful on https://www.virusradar.com/en/JS_Kryptik.BLE/detail besides the detection date, the virus looks new.
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