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  1. I first tried it from my sign in and got the above result. On my sons sign in there are no lower filters in that folder
  2. Can I share a pic of what popped up on my computer screen when I entered regedit? Its basically a view downloads-Internet explorer box. says name regedit.exe 417kb location so you want to run our save this program? Actions run save it also lists the exe-fix.bat, the eraremover & many other exe files. If I click on any of them there's a flash of a screen appearing and disappearing and it adds it again to the view download box.
  3. i have an active eset/smart security which constantly updates automatically. ive just got back on after having to repair the computer saying it had a disc repair. i will try to answer each question... I have downloaded the latest update for smart security through my sons sign in on this computer. I will do this again but im not sure how to post it on here. as for backup, yes i did. onto a portable hard drive which when i plug into the computer now it doesnt recognise it at all. ive tried to back up with the hp program on the computer and it gets right to the point of burning it to the disc but doesnt see the disc. as for checking its a working disc on another device... done that and yes a disc that works elsewhere is not picked up when i put it in my computer. i suspect the virus has actually stuffed both my portable hard drives also which means all the back ups i did are for nothing anyway. before i had to do the disc repair, i downloaded the exe. file fix and the rogue application remover. the exe said it worked but the second one just wouldnt work. i am now trying to find it again on this sign on... its window 7 there are no restore points for most of the programs... if there are any restore points at all its from the past month while ive been trying to fix the computer. it just said on this sign on that no rogue application has been detected... i will update as i go
  4. I really really need some assistance with this. I have emailed eset with my trouble and received no response. I have had numerous programs on my computer changed so they are no longer useable. cant even open them. all exe files are stuffed. if I put in a disc of any kind I can hear it being "read" but as far as the computer is concerned there is nothing in there. tells me to enter a disc! now if I go into the computer via my sons sign in.... all the same programs are as they should be. the disc still doesn't work though and whenever I have connected a portable hard drive to back it up.... it doesn't exist either in the computer... ive tried to restore but there is apparently no restore point now... ive run eset from my sons sign in and its been useless and found "possible" threats that it will then do nothing about... when ive asked it to search the whole computer. ive tried searching downloads to find something I don't recognise and cant see anything. initially ive come to my computer to find most of the desktop icons changed to mp3 icons. ive managed to change the default to internet explorer so I can open a web page... ive got no money to take my computer to someone to check it out and really ive had the virus checker turned on and supposedly active so this doesn't happen!
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