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  1. Alright, thank you very much for your help. In the future, I won't use this utility. In fact, after that, I'm not going to use Windows anymore on my server. I will try to use Ubuntu. As I know, there are no viruses for Linux. I deleted everything, so I can reconfigure everything... But I have learned a lot of this mistake. Fortunately, the data on it was not important and they are replaceable.
  2. So maybe the problem was the Microsoft Remote Desktop service? Because I used the server remotely. And there is no chance to recover the media files? If they used that Remote Desktop service, how did they managed to connect to it remotely? It works only in LAN, or not?
  3. I have a Windows 10 based desktop which works as a Plex/FTP/Print server at home. Yesterday, it was fine. When I connected to it today, i saw that all files of the external HDD are ADOBE files. The name of them contain an email address: supplng@protomail.com If I rename the files to the good format, it can’t open it. I had ESET Internet security installed but it wasn’t on the computer today. It was deleted or I don’t know. Now, I redownloaded the ESET and I’m running a virus scan now. It found the basic files of the malware or I don’t know what is that but my files are still locked. They are only movies (nearly), so no important data but is there any chance to unlock them? I don’t know the source of the virus as I didn’t use the server today. It started at 8 a.m but I didn’t use it. The FTP port is different from the 21, the password is strong. It’s using FileZilla. The interesting thing is that on the drive C, everything is fine but only on the Movie HDD, the files are “locked”. Some basic programs were deleted like Firefox, PowerISO but like TeamViewer, Pulseway were not deleted. Please help. Anything which can help. In the holidays, I can reinstall and reconfigure the system but I will have to redownload every movie, song, media files and this is my DIY server, so it would take days to reconfigure. UPDATE: The scan has finished and didn’t find anything, only the base virus files. UPDATE 2: I know, Windows is a bad choice for a server, so I'm planning to use Linux. I will be only available to upload a locked file tomorrow. Now, I'm not next to the server and I don't want to turn it on as maybe it can damage other computers, too. (in fact, there are not other Windows pcs, only a Mac but it can't be infected, I hope) UPDATE 3: I uploaded a locked file. https://www.mediafire.com/file/b4xuckaeoq1lr9r/The.Grand.Tour.S02E04.Unscripted.720p.Hungarian.srt.id-4C1A7783.[supplng@protonmail.com].adobe/file
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