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  1. Thanks for the reply, disabling HIPS works nicely. Appreciated
  2. Was wondering why I haven't been running ESET AV on my Win 8.1 (forgot lol) so I installed it once again. Everything works fine till I reboot then I discover I no longer have Aero and I have a black bar from the right edge going roughly 1/8th way in from bottom to top that is on top of everything I load. I uninstall ESET and all is fine again. I would really like to know why this is happening, any help appreciated
  3. Thanks but can't seem to get a log small enough to send to you lol, it builds up in size so fast
  4. Here is the log : is my WDTV media player, is the laptop, is this desktop pc Thankyou eset log.txt
  5. I am on the last version of Smart Security and since installing it I can't see a networked laptop nor my Western Digital TV Media player, I used to have great access to both. I have tried the suggestions from the knowledge base plus asked for help from online supposrt which was more frustrating than anything at all. I have logging turned on and the two items don't show at all in the logging. I have both items added to trusted zone. When I open network in My Computer neither one of the two show at all Any help would be greatfully appreciated
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