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  1. Actually, I've contacted the site's owner again and he double-checked and found and fixed the issue. But thank you all for the attention.
  2. Tinkered with various options in uMatrix, but it didn't change anything, which is weird.
  3. I am still a noob. I may be able to find this uMatrix (and thank you for that), but I have no idea where and how to search for the source of url that causes this "Adware Agent" message to pop up.
  4. Already have one (uBlock Origin), it blocks some ads, not all of them.
  5. Like I said, I'm a noob. I just want to read comics. And readcomiconline is - or was - the only site for me.
  6. The site always had many ads and there were no troubles before. Also, Virustotal does not find anything. Including its Eset engine.
  7. Dear Eset, I am able to visit readcomiconline.to without any troubles or alerts - but each time I try to open the page of any actual comic book the "JS/Adware.Agent.AA warning pops up and does not let me read any comics. Now I know you would tell me it means that the site has malware, but I am pretty sure it is unlikely. I contacted the site owner and he checked it out with his instance of Eset Nod32 and did not find anything unusual, there were no warnings. I checked the site with virustotal and none of the engines found anything, including the ESET engine of virustotal. Windows 7 (
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