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  1. I want to believe you , but what about when I manually enter gaming mode? Should it not be in gaming mode until you manually turn it off then?
  2. Ihave the same issue. While in setup the automatic "enable game mode while in fullscreen" is (i guess) happening instant, when I exit the game it should take one minute (according to setup) until gam mode is disabled. Then I should have plenty of time to see it is in gaming mode. I tried disabling the option to exit gaming mode, but still, after a game exit it looks like is not in gaming mode... Not when alt-tab out to desktop either. I have also put nod 32 in gaming mode from the home-menu of nod32 and it enters gaming mode with the orange triangle in the taskbar, but as soon as i exit the game (or tab out) it's not enabled anymore. I thought at least when you had entered gaming mode manually it would stay there until you exit it from the menus? I love nod32, and have no problems with games (as of yet, tried two, Installed today - nod32 Antivirus v7 2014), but as far as I can tell it's not sticking in gaming mode. Can someone please help me figure this out? I am in Windows 8.1. Sincerely, jogibeard
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