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  1. The thought didn't cross my mind. Thanx for the suggestion ;-)
  2. No one??? Not even a response from ESET ?
  3. For your information: in Settings, I disabled the threatsense engine startup procedure, nevertheless ESET software keeps slowing down the system for several minutes at startup. Any ideas what to do about this delay?
  4. On my Mac running on El Capitan the startup procedure without ESET Cyber Security comes down to about 60 seconds. With Cyber Security installed this startup is delayed with several minutes waiting time before the system is up to starting programs normally. During this extra waiting time the ESET icon in the upper right corner of the screen is busy. I suppose this delay has to do with starting up ESET on startup and the Threatsense scan of the system. Question 1: how can I set up ESET Cyber Security Threatsense in a way this scan / update / starting up ESET is not delaying my MAC on startup? Is it for instance possible to let ESET do this update/scan when the system is IDLE for several minutes when I'm getting some coffee? Question 2: if settings are not goint to be helpfull here, how can I turn off the Threatsense completely to get a smooth startup with my MAC? Thanks for any advice.