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  1. Servus Marcos, is this independent of the version displayed in the selection of the Referendare ESET PROTECT Server in the actual task? Here only version 8.1.1223.0 is mentioned. I find it a bit magic when a task that only has Windows to choose also works on Mac and then also a higher version number is processed. This is all so correct and it works as you expect it? 😉 Thx & Bye Tom
  2. Servus Community, I am in the process of rolling out the latest Agent version in our infrastructure and am having some understanding issues regarding version numbers. So far I have created a Component Upgrade Task and selected a server with the highest version number. However, the server that is displayed is listed as a Windows OS. Until now, I thought this meant the Protect Server type. In this case, the highest version was version 8.1.1223.0. I ran this task across all clients, whether Mac or Windows. In an evaluation group of both operating systems, the task completed quickly and unproblematically, on both Windows and Mac. Only now the Mac shows an agent version 8.1.3215.0, which suggests a higher version than I actually specified. Where did that come from suddenly? On Windows it shows the above version, which is what I would have expected. Can anyone explain this? Thx & Bye Tom
  3. Now the task status is set to Running and does not change anymore. However, the initial situation has changed a little. I also had a few clients where the error (update not finished) was actually given. I then created a new task and selected the version to be updated to, directly in the list of available products. By the way, the task I am trying to fix had the URL to the last version selected as the product. For all clients that failed to install the last product version, I ran the task with the product I selected myself and all clients updated correctly. Now I have tested the Rerun on failed option on one of the clients but the task remains in the Running state. I have no idea why the tasks are not fully completed. I always have to use a combination of tasks when updating the whole infrastructure, once with the URL to the last version and once with the self-selected version. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thx & Bye Tom
  4. Servus Community, I've some tasks with failed executions (ESET Software Update) but not all of them are really failed. At least one of them has the newest version installed and should be displayed as finished in the task history. Further another client was updated manually by installing the current version due to the last progress description "Task failed, try to install software manually". This client also stay in a failed state. How can I manually mark failed tasks as finished? Please note that this particular task has a lot of clients for running the update task and most of them are in a finished state... Thx & Bye Tom
  5. I attached a Zip-File with some sample emails. There is now only one email with an invitation but a few others that somehow have to do with it, because the name of the sender is the same everywhere. The password for the zip file is infected. I'm still sending the files following the instructions you posted above. Thanks for your attention SPAM.zip
  6. Servus Community, we currently receive very frequent e-mails with calendar invitations, which are not recognized as spam. Since the sender address is different, it is difficult for me to create a filter for it myself. Can I send a few of these emails to samples[at]eset.com with a request to review them for inclusion in a spam pattern or is this email address only for malware? Is there another way to send an email to Eset for review? Thx & Bye Tom
  7. Okay, thanks for the effort. The setting is not a matter of life or death but as a nice to have it would be great... Thx & Bye Tom
  8. I am not sure if this is the right place. It reads that way but as soon as I edit this notification it ends up asking me if I want an email, use a syslog server or send an SNMP trap. Actually, none of them. I was only referring to the colored background in the 'Last Connected' column in the Protect console and that doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. But it would be close.... Thx & Bye Tom
  9. Servus Community, is it possible to change the time period for triggering a warning of the last connection date? We have it set to around three to four days, which causes quite a number of warning messages, especially after the weekend. Since we have quite a few part-time employees, the majority of the computers are constantly displayed with a warning. To me, one week as a warning and four weeks as an error would be more suitable. I have not found a corresponding setting in the policy. Can someone tell me where to set this? Thx & Bye Tom
  10. Hi Community, is there a possibility to determine which file in which email produces the following alert? Thx & Bye Tom
  11. Servus Marcos, I already don't have half of the paths on my system that were excluded in the other thread. I could only add the /System/Application path. But I noticed something else, I wrote the path to the Time Machine volume with a wildcard character but I didn't define any files with it ( -> /Volumes/Time* ) I have now rewritten the path as shown in the screenshot. Probably that alone was the reason. If this works will take a while to find out, the detections came very irregularly. i'll watch this now for a few days and then give feedback at the end of the week. Thx & Bye Tom
  12. Servus Community, I created a path exclusion for the volume belonging to the local Time Machine backup but I get many of detections on this volume on my personal Mac (10.15). ESET is apparently unable to delete the files it finds, which is why it repeatedly issues a plenty of Popus warnings at irregular intervals. I created the exclusion with a wildcard character (/Volumes/Time*) but according to the manual this should work. Can anyone see an error in the configuration? Thx in advance & Bye Tom
  13. Hi Marcos, the audit log says that the task was modified on 26.03 in the afternoon. On this day we have reinstalled our two Exchange servers with a service provider. Afterwards, we could not activate the two mail security instances, but this was simply due to the fact that the mail security license was not checked in the activation task. Probably the task was modified by mistake while searching for the problem. When installing system updates, the server was restarted and the problem took its course... Thx & Bye Tom
  14. I have now contacted the ESET hotline about this issue. The reason for the disappearance of the clients was an unplanned execution of the Static Group Synchronization server task. This task moved all AD clients into the AD Organisation Unit folder structure. Why this task was executed is unclear. I then had to manually move the clients back into the groups created for them, now hopefully everything is back in the place where it is supposed to be. Summary: In principle no software error, so also magically no fix available. Thx & Bye Tom
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