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  1. I have Agnitum Outpost firewall Pro 8.1.2 & NOD AV v7 and pages get displayed as html code or get stuck loading,corrupts those that do load and often fails to execute tabs or links to other pages. Once I disable protocol filtering followed by a computer restart so far its working ok.
  2. I just found out that the problem could be that in am running Outpost firewall Pro and that Eset Anti-Virus Version 7 is not compatible, either way looks like I am going to have to drop Eset. I have used previous versions of Eset Anti-virus and did not have these proplems.
  3. Same Problem here with NETGEAR WNR1000 router, its a good thing I purchased Nod32 v7 anti-virus software on a promotion for $4.99, I will be unstalling Eset and moving on. lesson learned stay away from Eset!
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