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  1. oh man, how do you know I use hips in smart mode? And yes I use HIPS in smart mode. I don't remember this popup in the old version 1.83 build 20 Windscribe. First time seeing this and it target host file so kinda make me nervous and scared a little bit like why does it need to target my pc Windows host file???? oh okay. I got it from official site here: https://windscribe.com/ I don't remember this notification or similar when I use Windscribe v1.83 Build 20. Kinda nervous and scared when I see this notification from Windscribe needs to write to my pc host file. I
  2. Should I allow this from Windscribe vpn v2.02 build 10? I can't use vpn unless I am allow it.
  3. ESET Nod32 v14.0.22.0 compatible with Windows 10 Version 20H2? Wroking good? Where to find ESET article for it?
  4. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1d7f6ba0296d7f0682376dd4de02475b233cf52228f6fa578d115c6d95265b53/detection False positives.zip
  5. Weird. I never see any toolbar or bundle in the app. Is it try to stealth install them junks? May I ask where you find those files you listed? I am curious though because I used this tool in the past for more than a year and just reinstalled it on my secondary machine with ESET as well and got flagged too, but I don't see any toolbar or bundle in the installer app. Is it try to stealth install them junks?
  6. But VT on that CPU-Z file is clean, and even ESET confirmed clean on VT. What about the lightshot app from the web url detection? Is it a false positive?
  7. Hello. I think these two detections are false positives. 1) the file attached below and VT here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/53fc9866b51dfbc0516436a1d6cc0789749f83fcd8ae84d6205595e7e20e1370/detection It is file associate with CPU-Z app. New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip 2) The second is lightshot that I used in the past, and it is safe so why flagged as a threat now? I can't install lightshot app. Site VT here: https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html
  8. So the second picture detection is correct, and what about the first picture detection? Is it a false positive?
  9. Should I enable these two video players on the site or no?
  10. I have Ublock Origin in medium mode and latest filters update, but ESET still detect them.
  11. hxxps://animedao.com/ Click on one of the anime series, and I get two false positives detection for video players implemented on the site.
  12. Website: https://gogoanimes.co/ In the past, ESET says is clean, but now ESET detect something on the site as a threat, and media cannot play any video at all?
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