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  1. I read the old subreddit that multiple users with their antivirus flagged and detected this application as a threat. oh okay so it is safe to run and use this app right?
  2. Download site for the app gui version: hxxps://deemix.app/gui/ Note: replace the xx with tt for https not hxxps. homepage: hxxps://deemix.app/ Note: replace the xx with tt for https not hxxps Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3c325eaeacc486269d5eb48812181a5cba605869ca3daf82c1206b8a97fa1244/detection I ran this on my desktop with shadow defender on and I don't see any suspicious activity at all from basic analyzing like looking through task manager and control panel for any unknown program drop. From virustotal.com, it looks clean. Can anyone run this and do further analyzing if this file is safe?
  3. ESET did not but it is suspicious to me because I have never use and heard of it. I got these from reddit folks suggested to me for my question so yeah. ESET mod and admin can't view files I attached?
  4. Also this one too https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5a20c97961804f900de4d6529cb83481616b962934e6de0a67dc58c2b5e7cc85/detection Site: https://www.tidabie.com/
  5. Hello, Are these two files safe? I need 2 opinions from professional view. Suspicious 1 file site: https://github.com/yaronzz/Tidal-Media-Downloader-PRO VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2389e1b53b38776b6c29704f51076d589e2c0b17b61af69a2da6ead89fdf7da9/detection Suspicious 2 file site: https://www.audfree.com/ VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c47e5c4757c3f214bfe0cc14e24f57c539f6033d71e170fbcdc0942c471a58c9/detection
  6. oh man, how do you know I use hips in smart mode? And yes I use HIPS in smart mode. I don't remember this popup in the old version 1.83 build 20 Windscribe. First time seeing this and it target host file so kinda make me nervous and scared a little bit like why does it need to target my pc Windows host file???? oh okay. I got it from official site here: https://windscribe.com/ I don't remember this notification or similar when I use Windscribe v1.83 Build 20. Kinda nervous and scared when I see this notification from Windscribe needs to write to my pc host file. I got it from official site here: https://windscribe.com/ And wow that is very scary. Thanks for that article you linked.
  7. Should I allow this from Windscribe vpn v2.02 build 10? I can't use vpn unless I am allow it.
  8. ESET Nod32 v14.0.22.0 compatible with Windows 10 Version 20H2? Wroking good? Where to find ESET article for it?
  9. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1d7f6ba0296d7f0682376dd4de02475b233cf52228f6fa578d115c6d95265b53/detection False positives.zip
  10. Weird. I never see any toolbar or bundle in the app. Is it try to stealth install them junks? May I ask where you find those files you listed? I am curious though because I used this tool in the past for more than a year and just reinstalled it on my secondary machine with ESET as well and got flagged too, but I don't see any toolbar or bundle in the installer app. Is it try to stealth install them junks?
  11. But VT on that CPU-Z file is clean, and even ESET confirmed clean on VT. What about the lightshot app from the web url detection? Is it a false positive?
  12. Hello. I think these two detections are false positives. 1) the file attached below and VT here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/53fc9866b51dfbc0516436a1d6cc0789749f83fcd8ae84d6205595e7e20e1370/detection It is file associate with CPU-Z app. New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip 2) The second is lightshot that I used in the past, and it is safe so why flagged as a threat now? I can't install lightshot app. Site VT here: https://app.prntscr.com/en/index.html
  13. So the second picture detection is correct, and what about the first picture detection? Is it a false positive?
  14. Should I enable these two video players on the site or no?
  15. I have Ublock Origin in medium mode and latest filters update, but ESET still detect them.
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