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  1. I understand now, I didn't realize that to create a new profile I needed to edit the existing "my profile" and then click add to create new. Honestly that seems a little backwards to me but i'll chalk it up to a learning curve. Scratch the last, I see now that the "Edit" is in the row "List of Profiles" so you're editing the list of profiles I guess. Not the wording I expected but I get it now. Thanks for the help.
  2. There is nowhere where I can create a new policy and name it. The Network Protection options do not have anything for configuring update options. It only has network related things. Where exactly am I supposed to be looking for these options?
  3. I'm trying to specific a "Update Profile" for one of my policies but I cant seem to find the section anywhere, the policy creator says to go to Advanced Setup > Firewall>Known Networks but I can't find "Advanced Setup" anywhere. Does someone know how to do this?
  4. So I'm moving over from an on prem AV server solution to the ESET cloud based business av solution and I'll be reinstalling the AV along with a new remote admin agent on all computers. Currently our agent is 6.5.5. I was able to uninstall the AV product but when I try to uninstall the Admin Agent it asks for a password. My predecessor had not documented the initial password before he left the company. Is there a way I can change the password in the Local Admin Console? I'm not familiar with ESET products.
  5. Is there a reason I can't delete a seat. IN the attached screen shot I have 1 computer taking up 2 seats and the seat in red, no matter how many times I try to deactivate it, won't disappear off the list.
  6. ** Update** I think I found the credentials. I'm not accustomed to managing a licenses by logging in as the license key in the license admin console. I thought it would be associated with some sort of email account. So looking at the licenses I noticed the attached. Does this mean this user is using multiple seats for a single system? For the Windows Server license, which would I deactivate? The first row shows a "last seen" of today but the device name is not correct. The second row shows it was "activated from ERA" (not sure of the significance of that) and has a correct name under device but the last seen was a couple weeks ago. This is the same system, and I assume should only appear in unit management once.
  7. You can "solve" this by deactivating clients that have not connected for a specific time period. How? I have walked around to every terminal in our company and double checked the ESET license. 49 systems is what we have plus the 1 server and all 49 systems are listed in "Computers" of ESET Remote Admin. There's nothing in the "Computers" list that shouldn't be there so how am I supposed to deactivate it if I can't see it under "Computers"? If you want to see details about licenses used, you can create a custom report template (example attached below). I ran the custom report and there's only 49 records returned so that's one less than what my "Computers" show. Check the license in ELA. If I purchased licenses must I have a ELA account? My predecessor never documented the account credentials and none of the emails I have seem to work in regards to recovery. How do I see what email is assigned to my ELA license? Or should I create a new account and have ESET move the old licenses to this new account? @Marcos Thanks for your help too, I don't seem to have any information on our Business Account Login Credentials. I'm wondering if this was used in the past at all or if my predecessor simply didn't document the credentials. Does every company use an EBA account?
  8. I'm getting a warning saying I am maxed out on my licenses. In my license manager it says I am using 55/55 for my workstations and 2/1 for server. But when I look at Computers > All it shows I am only using 50 licenses. I've tried refreshing the Admin > License Management but nothing updates. 1. How do I get the server to accurately see how many licenses are actually used? 2. It says I'm using 2/1 Server licenses but I went through the entire list of systems and it only shows I have 1 server licenses assigned. Where is it getting the 2nd one from? 3. Does anyone know of a way to export the "Computers" list into a CSV or XLS file?
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