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  1. It stopped happening suddenly. Not sure what that was but hope it doesn't come back.
  2. I have just now started getting the same thing. Doesn't happen every time I visit reddit but enough times for me to notice it. Also it seems to happen more often if I refresh the page via CTRL+F5
  3. Will I still retain my settings though? If not, will System Restore work?
  4. I don't remember changing most of the settings yet they show up as non-default.
  5. I observe this in the latest ESS10 version hxxp://puu.sh/spPBK/d134a493dc.png
  6. Windows 10 sometimes brings up this notification upon Windows start but not every time. However when I go into firewall settings it says that the firewall is working fine. Is this a bug? I am using latest ESS9
  7. For some reasons I've only managed to update to this version by manually pressing "product update" button. Why didn't it do so automatically?
  8. Ever since upgrading to the latest version of the ESS9 I get pop-ups in the action center informing me that the virus protection is off. That results in Windows Defender appearing in the tray even though it should not appear since I am using ESET. Does anyone have the same issue?
  9. Good to know you fixed it. hxxp://puu.sh/qoknj/21058f8693.png I've found this error in the log files. (top entry) Perhaps it could help ESET fix this problem AMDY if you've got a spare minute try checking the logs - events as well for this error. It could help narrowing down the issue
  10. Hey man thanks for replying. Glad I am not the only one. I managed to fix the issue (at least temporarily). I simply restarted again and now everything works I dont know if this will help you but that's what worked for me. PS: Just to verify: did you get the exact epfwlwf driver error?
  11. I can do that I just hope it wasn't a virus or anything like that that caused the program to break in the first place
  12. When I started my computer today, ESS provided me with an error "An error occurred during installation of the epfwlwf driver" which is related to the ESET firewall. It also prompted me that I should restart my computer to finish installing the latest version of the program. So I restarted and now some program modules stopped working completely. If I go to Setup-Network protection I can see that Personal Firewall, Botnet Protection and Network Attack Protection are marked red and non-functional. Banking & Payment protection is also non functional. What happened? What can I do to fix this?
  13. paypal.com is set to open in B&PP and always has been by default. It just stopped working. If I go to paypal.com in my normal browser it doesn't actually redirect me to the B PP as it used to. I've tried setting IE as my default browser and it works fine there. If I switch back to chrome B PP simply stops working
  14. Yesterday I was testing a bunch of browsers. Apparently something broke, because now if I go to Paypal.com it just opens it in a normal Chrome browser. I can still open banking sites if I open Banking protection app manually but it's kind of a hassle. How can I get it to open up paypal in the secure browser automatically again?
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