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  1. Thank you itman I have been informed by my ISP that the firmware is sent to the router automatically therefore it will be upto date. They did advise that changing the password should sort it. If I continue to hit disconnect, am I safe? Thanks
  2. Hi I now have an update on my JS/CoinMiner.AH virus. I have reset the router, and it now has a new Name and Password, (as does the administrator), but I am still getting the same Disconnect Message. The details of the so called virus are as per the attached file I look forward to your response. This is getting very frustrating to keep Disconnecting everytime.
  3. Hi Peter Thank you for the quick response. I did see that, but as my router is a greenpacket router, Model No. DT235. I didn't think it could be the same issue. In relation to a factory reset, my ISP set up the router, and so I do not have the login details at hand to be able to upgrade the firmware and then reset it up with the correct details. Thanks
  4. H, I am new to this forum. i have recently been attacked by the above virus. While my NOD32 warns me, and asks if I want to disconnect it if I run a scan NOD32 is unable to find it. This happens twice, each time I connect to the internet using IE11. Am I still vulnerable, and how can I stop the warnings?
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