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  1. Thank you for your response. It means that it involves opening the folder with an exe or dll file in contrary to instructions provided for ESET Smart Security? ...(Drops connection when you are trying to open an executable file (.exe, .dll, ...) from a shared folder on the server that does not belong to the Trusted zone in Personal firewall. Note that copying executable files from trusted sources can be legitimate. On the other hand, this detection should mitigate risks from unwanted opening a file on a malicious server, for example caused by clicking a user on a link to a shared malicious e
  2. Packet inspection- Deny opening of executable files on a server outside the Trusted zone in SMB protocol:​Should this rule deny just an opening or also copy paste from server outside of the Trusted zone? I am using a VPN connection to a one of my work servers and I am not able to copy a file form the server unless I disable this protection.
  3. Just a quick question. Did the new vulnerability firmware updates to Asus routers in any way helped with this issue or before-mentioned IP exclusion requirement is still required?
  4. Hi, Do you guys have any ideas what is this pup up stands for? (Screenshot attached.) Win 8.1 Pro with media center Eset newest
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