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  1. The problem has actually been solved, i have figured that eset INTERNET SECURITY is not eset NOD32 Antivirus, they are different and i cannot activate one with the key of another, a relative of mine had the same exact problem to prove this so i decided to buy an eset INTERNET SECURITY full licence which will comply with my renewal key.
  2. I'm afraid it didn't work, there was nothing different about my installation attempt from before.
  3. After basically completely resetting my computer and getting a new windows for it, my old full expired licence on eset NOD32 was gone as well, i downloaded the trial version and tried to activate my old licence with my renewal key but it didn't work, giving me the message "Activation failed an error occurred during activation" with the error code Act.0. I have one suspicion on why it isn't activating though, on the cover of the CD case (which only has the code in it), there is written "eset INTERNET SECURITY", does that mean what i bought is not "eset NOD32 ANTIVIRUS" which is written on the cover of my old CD licence case at the same spot?
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