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  1. Marco, thanksBUT I can't just install stuff on my SO's machine, and given the posts on issues with ESET (pardon me) that wold not be desirable. I can post a screenshot when I get back to my SO's place, but it's just a promo screen re downloading full-boat ESET, you should be familiar with that, perhaps. in any case it's tres irritating; simpler to just inform me / us on how-to totally uninstall whatever is there, but withOUT using the brute-force-run-it-in-safe-mode-ouch uninstaller since it's merely the 'free online scan' module. Possible? I hope so. I thought I'd deleted the .exe but apparently there's something in the registry..?? or elsewhere? not nice! a separate uninstall for this should have been created, IMNSHO.
  2. hi, not sure Where this should be posted. tried the eset oniline scan and, okBUT... I need to remove the popup from my SO'S machine before she clocks me good. why are there no posts related to this? please, before I get clobber.....oh...ouch....
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