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  1. I do not know anything about the "additional information" page..
  2. Well , I only change core settings (rules , scanner settings , ThreatSense's Core settings etc.) , anyway , so should I set it to warnings , crtical or errors?
  3. Prototype and LaunchGTAIV are pirated (However , that does not mean I will never by those games ), and WiseGameBooster is a legitimate program. However thanks for suggesting about rundll.exe. I thought ESET might allow anti-exploit so I didn't make a rule manually , anyway. Sorry for the amount of piracy , but I'm not in finacial state , even my own forum's software is MyBB and not something like XenForo or IPB. Anyway , the results of rundll32.exe were clean I'm not aware of internat.exe , ESET's full scan is also clean.
  4. Hello all , this is my first thread. So far the community looks nice and promissing. Anyway , so let's start at our problem. I just noticed at the HIPS logs , there were unusual things such as blocking access to registry by a windows program. I found it very suspicious cause I'm a security enthusiast. Even csrss.exe tried to modify ESET...I think I'm infected. Here's the whole log (attached) Log.txt
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